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Weekend 25th -26th

August  2018,  Bradford

11.00am -10.30pm

SORM STUDIOS Little Germany,  

City of Bradford

The previous festival was a fabulous success showcasing live Yorkshire Music and visual arts.

This year’s festival is going to take place at The SORM Studios, which are located in Little Germany, an area of particular historical and architectural interest in the city centre of Bradford. In its day this bustling hub was the trading heart of the world’s wool and textile industry. These deeply rooted links to the woollen industry and the Shuttle Shuffle name are important to our existence, and more importantly our continuation.

The line-up for this year’s festival is as much about emerging talent as it is about established performers. We pride ourselves on bringing diverse and interesting bills to the heart of the city.

You’ll see an eclectic mix of talent including an African Drum Workshop, Graffiti artists, a DJ workshop, performances by young adults with challenging learning disabilities and Punk legends, The Negatives, billed as the city's first punk rock group. The group formed in the summer of 1978, and this hometown gig will be celebrating their 40th year as a band.

The Shuttle Shuffle is now run as a CIC project and commits its profits to supporting creative and innovative work both within the context of the annual festival and outside, through other partnerships and projects.

This year we have linked up with The White Ribbon UK Campaign which aims to end male violence against women and create safer music events where groping, verbal abuse, assaults and other forms of harassment are eradicated.

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival 2018 will take place on August 25th and 26th.

We’re proud to be Bradford’s biggest and longest running indoor city centre music festival.  

The festival offers involvement not only to the musicians and artists performing but also by encouraging everyone that attends to join in.

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Saturday 25th

11:00 - Doors Open

12:00 - Coming Soon - Acoustic Stage

12:30 - Photoseptic - Main Stage

13:00 - Henry Parker - Acoustic Stage

13:30 - Temporal Storm - Main Stage

14:00 - Gary Middleton - Acoustic Stage

14:30 - Blind Dead McJones Band - Main Stage

15:00 - Tattie Lexi - Acoustic Stage

15:30 - Fishing for Compliments - Main Stage

16:00 - Poetic Justice - Acoustic Stage

16:30 - Sleepy Jake and the Duvets - Main Stage

​17:30 - Regan - Main Stage

18:00 - Danny Madden - Acoustic Stage

18:30 - Hoodoo Operators - Main Stage

19:00 - Nick Aslam - Acoustic Stage

19:30 - The Platitudes - Main Stage

20:00 - Banjo Jen - Acoustic Stage

20:30 - The Luddite Collective - Main Stage

21:00 - Coming Soon - Acoustic Stage

21:30 - The Negatives UK - Main Stage


Sunday 26th

11:00 - Doors Open

12:00 - Coming Soon - Acoustic Stage

12:30 - The Astrids - Main Stage

13:00 - Carrie Martin - Acoustic Stage

13:30 - Sorm Stars - Main Stage

14:00 - Isaac Tyler - Acoustic Stage

14:30 - Broken Flowers - Main Stage

15:00 - Ben Blue Waters - Acoustic Stage

15:30 - Ec-Tix - Main Stage

16:00 - One Sided Horse - Acoustic Stage

16:30 - Coming Soon - Main Stage

​17:30 - Sounds Of Soul - Main Stage

​18:00 - Tony Levy - Acoustic Stage

18:30 - Quicksilver Kings - Main Stage

19:00 - Nick Hall - Acoustic Stage

19:30 - Kath and the Kicks - Main Stage

20:00 - Dave McKinley - Acoustic Stage

20:30 - Seamonsters - Main Stage

21:00 - Coming Soon - Acoustic Stage

21:30 - Coming Soon - Main Stage